Saxophone Lessons in Asheville, NC

I teach saxophone lessons at my home studio in Asheville, NC and over the internet via Skype.

I enjoy teaching students of all ages and skill levels. My current roster of students ranges in age from 12 – 63! As we get to know each other, I assess each student’s individual needs and interests in order to tailor studies to meet your goals. My hope is to create an atmosphere that is as enriching as it is educational. Most of all, I want you to enjoy yourself while you practice and improve. My students are encouraged to read music as well as improvise in order to facilitate growth toward both cognitive and creative goals.

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Common topics of study include:

  • How to Learn and Memorize Songs and their Chord progressions!
  • Tone Production (embouchure, air speed, long tones, etc.)- We chose saxophone lessons because we enjoy the sounds the instrument can make. Practicing this one aspect of playing alone will improve the whole experience!
  • Scale Studies- singing and playing
  • Groove!
  • Creating a relationship with Diatonic Harmony
  • Improvising and Playing set ideas/exercises over Drones for harmonic context
  • Experiencing then Explaining – Music Theory describes sound
  • Writing solo etudes over jazz standards
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Transcribing
  • Developing personal vocabulary
  • Classical Saxophone literature

Contact me below to schedule your first saxophone lesson! Saxophone lessons are held at my home studio in Asheville, NC or on the internet over Skype.

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