J-Mo Trio:


photo credit: Kristen Marie Greene

I’ve put together a book of my favorite jazz standards as well as some original music, and you can hear me perform them weekly along with an ever changing cast of Asheville’s great jazz musicians in some of the city’s finest restaurants and drinking establishments. Most notably, you can find us every first and third Saturday evening at Zambra from 8-10pm. I’m joined by Brian Palmieri on Drums and alternating musicians round out the trio. You’ll most likely catch us with guitar or bass (sometimes one person on both!). You never know until you get there!

King Garbage:

Playing with this crew is ridiculously fun. I get to bring out my electronics and try to be some kind of rhythm section/lead player hybrid!

King Garbage are the new crop of American soul players, the Muscle Shoals Swampers of the file-sharing generation. Zach Cooper and Vic DiMotsis compose freewheeling and heartbreakingly endearing soul, embracing the roots of American music with Cheshire grins and a sound that’s all their own.

Imagining the rhythm sections of Pino Palladino and Questlove amongst the vocals of Beth Gibbons or Sam Cooke will put you in the right headspace for King Garbage. Vic and Zach melt influence and experience with sheer joy, good humor and hearts full of friendship to burnish gems of dusted pop. The flexibility on display is maddening – from croon to four-top harmonization, from breaks full of grit to heavenly horn sections, Vic and Zach push themselves into new territory with each release, grinning and improvising their way from one corner of the country to the next. After twelve years of friendship and collaboration, the duo have learned to lean on each other and encourage forward motion no matter the outcome.

Jason Moore & Trust Trio:trust Trio jan2

Jason Moore- tenor

Will Beasley- bass

Evan Martin- drums

Trust Trio is a classic pianoless trio. Inspired by the strolling work of so many legendary saxophonists, I decided to start my own trio at the end of 2014. My intentions for this group are centered around fun, beauty and movement. The repertoire is varied, including a mix of original compositions as well as favorites from the books of my heroes. The result is a surprising blend of music brought to your ears by a trio of musicians who are mutually developing an expressive environment imbued with the quality featured in their name. We’re learning and writing new tunes constantly, so expect a little something different each time you come out!

Rational Discourse:

photo credit: Frank Zipperer

photo credit: Frank Zipperer

This band was a ton of fun last year, and with the first album coming out soon, expect to hear more from us.

From Rational Discourse’s profile on Facebook:

Steve Alford’s latest project, an eleven piece aggressive rock/jazz based improvisational group, original music featuring six horns and two rhythm sections. A lot of straight eighths, distorted bass, multi and counter rhythmic approaches from the trap sets, and aggressive horns. Original compositions, tailored for the instrumentation, the band ideally will be a forum for composers.